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Travel Tips

Getting There

Arriving by car:

Type "Airport city, Avenue" in Waze application. 

There is plenty of parking area.

When you leave, type "Home".

Arriving by bicycles

I hope you are kidding us. 

Arriving by foot:

Ask the first person that you see where is Airport city and once he ignores you, just open GoogleMaps, type "Airport city, Avenue" and follow the dots

When you leave, just try to remember your house address.

Discounted Accommodation

Well, if you are looking for accommodation and a discounted one, you are probably coming from abroad. In this case, be aware that that discounts are given in Israel only verbally, so contact us and we will be happy to help you. 

Special discounts will be given to happy and energetic people. 


You are not that kind of a person? Maybe you should try our UnderAgileIsrael conference on February 30th (contact us for details)

Nearby Attractions

In just about 4600 km, you will find a great restaurant  by the name of "Ciel Bleu" in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Make sure to tell the waiter you are a guest of our conference.


The duty free shop inside the airport, are the cheapest and most nearby shops.


Looking for culture in Israel is like searching for a great Agile implementation without involving the HR...

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