Agile Jan-Fest

unique opportunity courses

Declaring the conference a unique opportunity for a learning experience, we are opening joint training courses with the industry's best teachers.



A Certified Scrum Master course, making you a master of Scrum.

this course qualifies you for a Scrum Alliance international certification


​Magdalena Firlit & Michal Epstein

A Professional Scrum Product Owners course, making you an Owner of Product.

this course qualifies you for a international certification

Management 3.0

jan doležal

A Management 3.0 course, making you a manager of a new world qualities

this course qualifies you for a Management 3.0 international certification

DevOps lab
​Peter Götz & Oliver Hankeln

A Hands on DevOps lab, bringing you the top methods and mindset of DevOps

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