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Beyond Agile Israel
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This year's theme:

Patterns and Anti Patterns

in Agile implementations

January 27th, Avenue Conference Center, Airport city, Israel

This is another conference of Ajimeh, the Leading company in Agile and beyond. Like in former events, we will be focusing not only on cutting edges techniques and powerful practices, but also on delivering it in an energetic and efficient conference!

Forget all the things that you know about conferences since in our conferences, you will not only gain knowledge, you will also gain understanding and awareness as well as new colleagues that are also "walking" on a similar Agile path. 

And all of that will be "served" to you in a fun and energetic way!

Features and off-conference
Beyond Agile, beyond any border

illustrated recording

All sessions are graphic-recorded, illustrated to visual maps. illustrations will be sent to every participant for better and later understanding

Agile clinic

Agile experts will personally treat your agilic pains during the conference to advice and answer all your questions.

Agile HydePark

open discussions, debates, arguments and finger-blaming will be held for your learning and experience.

Interactive visual boards

Graphic learning and reflection

Expanding business

Lectures. Networking. Workshops. Parties.

micro workshops during the conference
Agile specialists that will solve your pains in an agile clinic
Incredible TED style talks that will innovate and reveal the unknown
dynamic, humoristic, interactive drawings to illustrate your understanding
workshops preceeding the conference
Share your thoughts

We would like to walk with you the agile talk and hear your voice.
In order to have a great value and experience for you, we would like to get your honest input while we are forming the agenda and activities.
Please write us share your thoughts on the forming conference


Main Conference Agenda (Dojo)


Gathering + Registration

If you want a tag, enjoy and update the interactive boards, be for the first group of people that sends pictures, mingle with the early birds people, get answers from the experts of the Agile clinic, 

this session was created for you :-) 

On the other hand, If you think that arriving on 09:00 is better for you, we urge you to reconsider...:-) 


The biggest mistakes in implementing Agile in large companies

Danny (Danko) Kovatch

Danko will ask serious questions and discuss them in his funny way with the audience.

How do you implement Agile but not Scrum? What is NOT Agile? When you ask for Agile, what do you really want? What is the next step after Agile? and more to come...


Agile + PMI, one plus one equals three

Galit Yaskerevitz Tietz - PMI Org.

How traditional project management methods get along with Agile development in cross organizational projects and how the PMI incorporates Agile principles in the recent years


Ming Ling Break


Infusing security awareness into Agile product management

Efrat Wasserman & Elena  kravchenco

It is a common illusion that Product Managers in the current reality, can continue working to define products, without thinking about security aspects, and that this can be done at a much later stage in the product lifecycle. How can we turn the Product Manager to be a real security ambassador?


50 shades of Agile

Erez Morabia

When I was in my waterfall era, it was so simple - single method that fits all. Now I have so many agile methods to choose from - which is better? which to use when? and what agile is anyway? it is like choosing between batman, superman and wonder women... I miss being waterfall (not)... 
Throughout 2018 I went into a journey, learning and experimenting as much as I could about the endless shades of agile. In BeyondAgile2019 I would share with you my insights and thoughts... and what true agile means to me.


Mind maps & Fair-E Tale

Boaz Fine


Presenting new & old ways to approach planning and thought process, that will spark creativity and fun in a once painful and slow process. Examples and test-cases inside


Ming-Ling Lunch

EVERYBODY enjoy the food and meet some good people


Non Agile jaw dropping talk


​About Organizational diseases and Agile cures.

Limor Halfon

Limor will discuss how organizations want to lead a change to Agile mindset without separating from their previous patterns of work.


Ming-Ling Break


I think therefore I'm wrong

Dr. Haim Shapira

The psychology and strategic thinking of decision making


Panel discussion

Panel of experts



Danko will say goodbye with hugs and tears 


Happy hour

Stay with us after the conference for a happy hour - Alcohol, mingling and non-conferece informal discussion on topics on hands and off-topics off-hand.



Setting target: Home.

Waze usage is preferred only if you plan  a drive in Israel.
If you want to reach another country, we recommend taking a plane and trusting your pilot with the route.

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Want to learn more about a specific subject?

Come listen to our speakers AFTER their lecture to a PRACTICAL Q&A sessions!

Want to appear smart in a lecture?

Come listen to our speakers BEFORE their lecture and ask whatever you want 

Micro workshops agendas (Randori)
Powerful Practices
Mindset Workshops


Ilan Sherman

​The concepts of Leading SAFe


Hili Balzer

Jira in the Scrum meetings


Danny (Danko) Kovatch

Games and Gamification in a Scrum team

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Dov Tsal

Mindfulness & Agile


Dov Tsal

Mindfulness & Agile


Liliya Friedman

Tips and tricks for the HR manager in the Agile world

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